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Law Office Established 1970



I have been an  attorney working in a Well Street law firm, a managing partner in firms in California, New Jersey and Florida. I have represented many hundreds of satisfied clients, both private and corporate, and the estates of accidental death victims and their families. 

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Rutgers University,  B.A.

Seton Hall University School of Law,  Juris Doctor

My Life and Experience

I married Cathy shortly after bing awarded my "wings"  from the United States Air Force pilot training program, graduating first in Tactical Air Commend Upgrading to fighters.  Cathy worked as a school teacher and supported us while I was in law school with the help of Uncle Sam's G.I. bill.  We have a daughter and our priorty is first to God, Country and Family..

I began my legal career with Mendes & Mount which was located on Williams and Exchange place in downtown Manhattan. 

I have practiced law for many years in New Jersey, California, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and now limit my practice to Florida and Georgia.I could not have accomplished so much without being blessed with legal assistants of great character and intellect who worked very dilligently. 

I accepted an appointment as a judge which I happily performed for ten years before deciding to retire. I returned to the practice of law and continued legal research and articles on various subjects of current interest.  I like to drill down deeply and focus on a few areas of the law instead of a shot-gun approach. 

If you are looking to hire an attorney like me who will give you his full attention, and if you are willing to work as hard as I am on your case, please call me and we can chat. You have my cellphone number, and if not it's (954)500-FREE (3733) 



Activities & Affiliations

• Florida Bar Association
• Georgia Bar Association
• Retired Judge

I have been Admitted to the following Courts:

  • 3rd Federal Circuit
  • Eastern District of Pennsylvania
  • Eastern District Appellate Court
  • Supreme Court of Pennsylvania
  • Supreme Court of New Jersey
  • Supreme Court of California 
  • Supreme Court of Georgia
  • Supreme Court of Florida

Bar Admissions

• Florida, New Jersey, California, Pennsylvania, Georgia