condominium & homeowers' law

If you suspect that your condo board is violating the law or the condominium documents, Bylaws, or Rules this is the place to get an answer from a real attorney. 

Since it may be necessary to review more information to make a definitive opinion upon which you can rely, the answers given here to your question should not be relied upon as a final legal opinion; however, if I believe you may have a good legal case I may be interested in representing you at no cost since the condominium law provides that the prevailing party is entitled to collect not only damages but also attorneys' fees.


718.110 Amendment of declaration; correction of error or omission in declaration by circuit court.

718.303 Obligations of owners and occupants; remedies.—

720.303 Association powers and duties; meetings of board; official records; budgets; financial reporting; association funds; recalls.—

720 Homeowners’ Association Major Issues

What Can Your Condominimum Association Do and Not Do?

Arbitration Not Required by FS718 if alleging breach of fiduciary duty