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  Standing at the door of the Supreme Court

Standing at the door of the Supreme Court


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Head and Traumatic Brain Injuries

Back and Spinal Cord Injuries

Work Injuries


Auto Truck motorcycle Accidents

  We care

We care

If you are injured in an accident, my promise to you is that I will personally be in charge of your case. You can depend upon me since I have more than 40 years of experience and have represented thousands of injured victims of negligence. I have collected millions of dollars of compensation for individuals. Currently my practice consists of a few select cases. Call (954)500-FREE (3733)

  We Are Here For You

We Are Here For You

In other firms you may call the office and are routed through a receptionist and then an assistant and don't get to speak directly to the attorney when you call. My cell phone is (954) 500-FREE, call me and I will answer. I only take a limited number of cases so you will be my highest priority and you can be assured that I will do what is necessary to win your case, Then and only then do I earn my fee.


Aircraft Accidents

  We Represent Victims of Aircraft Accidents

We Represent Victims of Aircraft Accidents

After years of flying powerful military jet aircraft,  I entered law school with a commercial pilot's license and instrument rating. I built, and was the test pilot and flew an experimental 200 MPH aircraft with retractable gear and flaps. You can trust me to know how to handle an aircraft accident damage case, injuries and death. If you require and experienced and accomplished attorney call (954)500-FREE (3733) 



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