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Closing Title

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We provide 40 years of experience in title closings, title searching from start to finish. We employ the latest technology and fast service tracking the status of your closing and exchanging documents in secure and communications.

You can securely upload your contract to our portal. We will review your purchase contract before you sign to make sure you understand what you are signing. We then securely download your contract to our portal for your signature. NO TIME LOST IN THE BARGAN.



WE ARE A LAW FIRM AND NOT A SELF-HELP WEBSITE: When you decide to sell your home you want to know that everything will move smoothly that all your legal questions will be answered by a licensed attorney and not just an attorney’s assistant or a real estate broker. Brokers perform a valuable service, but they are not licensed to practice law, and cannot give you legal advice. Furthermore you should choose your own attorney. One in which you will have confidence that there is no conflicts of interest.

Before you sign away your home to a new buyer, we will be pleased to review your sales contract to make sure that you understand it completely and it conforms to your desires.

This is our policy and guarantee. We will provide a secure upload for your documents and will review them immediately. A licensed attorney will answer all your questions promptly. We will stand by your side at every turn.

YOU WILL ALWAYS DEAL WITH A LICENSED ATTORNEY, WE DO NOT USE PARALEGALS: When you go to a doctor’s office you sometime see a physician’s assistant. When you go to a law office you sometimes communicate with an attorney’s assistant. In our office you deal exclusively with an attorney licensed to practice law in the State of Georgia. We are also licensed in the Sate of Florida.

TITLE SEARCH: A title search is conducted to be assured that the property is owned by the seller, has no title defects that will interfere with your use and enjoyment of the property. We make sure that there are no mortgage liens, judgements, covenants, restrictions, easements, or taxes, and if they exist that they will be removed if necessary. A survey of the property will show that there are no encroachments from adjoining properties, and if so we are prepared to cure the title defect if necessary.

As a licensed attorneys in Georgia we are able to verify that the title can legally be transferred to the new owner. You will receive a title binder that assures you that your title is marketable. We order tax searches, lien searches. We order payoff statements from lien holders on the title, HOA and Condo closing demand letters as required by management companies.

When the closing is scheduled you can choose from traditional in-office closing, mobile notary closing, or mail-out closings. We verify all documents, confirm payoffs and prepare a settlement statement or Closing Disclosure. All documents are drafted and reviewed by licensed attorneys.

CLOSING PROCESS: A licensed attorney will oversee the execution of documents, and answer any questions you might have. All important documents are scanned and securely sent to you, your lender, and other parties who are entitled to the documents. Money is dispersed in accordance with the settlement statements agreed upon by the parties, wires or trust funds are used. Once the closing is completed the new buyer receives a set of keys and other devices to permit access to the new home.

OUR PROMISE: In this office you will always have access to your own personally assigned attorney and you will never have to deal with an attorney’s assistant. You will have a clear title because we will not allow your home to close without a clear title. Title insurance is for your protection to insure your ownership rights forever. Our title closing policy takes less than 2 days on average. We will provide professional and prompt service, proven by years of successfully representing satisfied clients.