The Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation governs the procedure for your case and nearly 4 million workers like you. If you want to be compensated for your injury you must pursue a claim FILE A CLAIM

The State Board does not issue monetary awards, it only provides the procedure for processing all the forms and documents that are involved with your claim. The Judge of Compensation will try to assist the lawyers to reach a fair settlement for you. If your injury is denied by the insurance company, the Judge of Compensation will be able to resolve the issue in a hearing which includes testimony, cross examination, with opening statements and closing arguments.

The Judge may try to persuade each side to submit the case to a mediator. In effect, the judge often acts as a mediator as well.

If you have a very significant issue in your case it can be appealed to the “Full Board”. It may also be possible to appeal finally to the Superior Court and even the Georgia Court of Appeals.

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