Work Injury - Now what?

 If you want to know your rights FILE A CLAIM and I will be happy to speak to you at no cost and with no obligation.

  1. Your rights begin when your employer has notice of your injury. You should notify your supervisor or manager. FILE A CLAIM

  2. You are entitled to medical care. Your employer should have a “posted panel of physicians” or “Workers’ Compensation Managed Care Organization (WC/MCO). If not we know what to do to maximize your medical treatment. You may also seek emergency medical care at your employer’s expense. You need to tell the emergency room interviewer that you were injured on the job. Do not bring up prior injuries, focus on how you hurt yourself at work. FILE A CLAIM

  3. Remember your employer is not the one who controls your case. No matter how much you like your employer, the insurance company is not your friend and it controls your medical treatment and benefits you receive. Even the “company” doctor who works for the insurance company is not your friend. These doctors try to send you back to work quickly. Sometimes resulting in chronic problems - back injures are very common - knee and shoulder injuries are often never cured completely - these can causes long term problems that the insurance company does not want to pay for. The doctor and insurance company just wants to get you back to work or terminate your employment. You need us to fight for you. FILE A CLAIM

  4. Work injuries and occupational diseases should be reported in writing whenever possible. The worker may lose the right to receive compensation if an accident is not reported within 30 days. FILE A CLAIM