Your Medical Treatment Rights

Your employer is required to post a list of at least six doctors or the name of the certified WC/MCO that provides medical care, unless the Board has granted an exception. You may choose a doctor from the list and make one change to another doctor on the list without the permission of your employer. However, in an emergency, you may get temporary medical care from any doctor until the emergency is over, then you must get treatment from a doctor on the posted list. FILE A CLAIM

Your authorized doctor bills, hospital bills, rehabilitation in some cases, physical therapy, prescriptions, and necessary travel expenses will be paid if injury was caused by an accident on the job. If your accident occurred on or after July 1, 2013 medical treatment shall be limited to a maximum of 400 weeks from the accident date. If your injury is catastrophic in nature you may be entitled to lifetime medical benefits. FILE A CLAIM

Accidents are classified as being either catastrophic or non- catastrophic. Catastrophic injuries are those involving amputations, severe paralysis, severe head injuries, severe burns, blindness, or of a nature and severity that prevents the employee from being able to perform his or her prior work and any work available in substantial numbers within the national economy. In catastrophic cases, you are entitled to receive two-thirds of your average weekly wage but not more than $575 per week for a job-related injury for as long as you are unable to return to work. You also are entitled to receive medical and vocational rehabilitation benefits to help in recovering from your injury. FILE A CLAIM

In all other cases (non-catastrophic), you are entitled to receive two-thirds of your average weekly wage but not more than $575 per week for a job related injury. You will receive these weekly benefits as long as you are totally disabled, but no longer than 400 weeks. If you are not working and it is determined that you have been capable of performing work with restrictions for 52 consecutive weeks or 78 aggregate weeks, your weekly income benefits will be reduced to two- thirds of your average weekly wage but no more than $383 per week, not to exceed 350 weeks. FILE A CLAIM

When you are able to return to work, but can only get a lower paying job as a result of your injury, you are entitled to a weekly benefit of not more than $383 per week for no longer than 350 weeks. FILE A CLAIM

Your dependent(s), in the event you die as a result of an on- the-job accident, will receive burial expenses up to $7,500 and two-thirds of your average weekly wage, but not more than $575 per week. A widowed spouse with no children will be paid a maximum of $230,000. Benefits continue until he/she remarries or openly cohabits with a person of the opposite sex. FILE A CLAIM